Friday, April 1, 2011

Did I seriously do that??

Quick post for you all.  So Siobhan and I decided to pull on our big girl pants last night and go out for a little fun with Daryl and Amanda.  We did not go out until 1 am and then did not make it back to our house until 4:30 am this morning! I can honestly say this was a first lol.  Had a great time with the girls and had the opportunity to see many friends and classmates throughout the night :) Needless to say Siobhan and I did not set an alarm and still had to drag ourselves out of bed at 11:45 am today.  However, the amazing weather in Salamanca today made it worth it.  We have cloudless, sunny skies and a high today of 77 degrees! Siobhan and I spent a couple hours sunbathing in the Plaza Mayor and.....I am already evenly sunburnt.  Not complaining though.  I will take sunburn over frostbite any day of the year.

Obviously I was pretty pumped about the nice weather and wanted to document it

Not really sure what the rest of the day will bring....perhaps some ice cream! Siobhan and I are thinking about throwing ourselves a party in our room tonight lol.  Some wine and cheese, as well as a movie (either Black Swan or Love and Other Drugs).


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  1. must be the Italian skin that you got from dad...